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Features & benefits


Shake it, move it up and down, or rotate it – the in-built accelerometer will help you track what direction a visitor is moving in or how the device is being held and used, letting you create measure unique user experiences.

Fast charge

Simply pop the device in a Smart Rack for a fast and efficient charge that means visitors and delegates won’t have to wait for a working guide.


If you have a large site or attraction and want visitors to be able to find their way around, the in-built GPS will make sure they keep their bearings.

Built-in speaker

Give your visitors and delegates high quality sound on the move.


Add, upload and update your own content at any time with the easy-to-use content management system for a guide that stays fresh and engaging.

Ergonomic design

Each device is designed for grip and comfort using tough and tactile materials.

Headphones socket

Compatible with standard headphones or with ATS’s own ruggedised headphones.


Understand your visitors, what’s grabbing their attention and what isn’t, where they’re going and for how long with comprehensive analytics. Then use your knowledge to meet your visitors’ needs.

  • Prepare


    Load or stream your content on to the device. Use your own content or enlist ATS to create it for you.

  • Distribute


    Integrate the guides as part of your visitor experience and enable people to explore your attraction or heritage site at their own pace and depth.

  • Experience


    Visitors discover and enjoy your site with more ease than ever before as the guides bring interactivity and engagement to a new level.

  • Review


    Enjoy your visitors sharing feedback on their great experience.

  • Evaluate


    Use analytics and surveys to evaluate your visitor experience and fine-tune your offering.

  • Design & Prepare

    Design & Prepare

    Load or stream your content on to the device, then link back to your Learning Management System (LMS) or backend admin system.

  • Distribute


    Integrate the guides as part of your classroom or roaming experience. Pre-registration means you can tailor the device to the delegate for truly individual training.

  • Learning


    Delegates learn, engage and respond, using their multimedia device to support their experience.

  • Live delegate dashboard

    Live delegate dashboard

    Trainers and facilitators can see the live progress of their delegates and address issues and questions in real-time.

  • Submission


    Delegates can submit a completed module or session at a touch of the screen.

  • Evaluate & award

    Evaluate & award

    Pass or fail or graded results are immediately available and can be reviewed before publication via the admin systems.

  • Design & Prepare

    Design & Prepare

    Load or stream your conference content on to the device, so that delegates can view itineraries, voting questions and supporting materials at a glance.

  • Distribute


    Provide guests with their devices as part of the delegate registration process. Pre-registration means you can tailor the device to the delegate for an individual experience.

  • Engage


    Use the handheld multimedia device to deliver live streams, voting sessions, reminders, maps, and question and answers sessions for maximum engagement and interactivity.

  • Monitor


    Use iBeacons to trigger content with location-specific alerts to add depth to exhibitions and different areas of the conference.

  • Evaluate


    Discover what delegates thought of the event and use the information and analytics for decision-making about future events.

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